Annual financial statements

We will prepare your tax accounts and financial statements in accordance with the provisions of the German Commercial Code. Very often there is a significant difference between these accounts. Again, it is important to use every room for manoeuvre, which will lower your tax burden. We are well-versed in the commercial code and tax laws and observe all applicable laws and regulations when preparing the financial statements. We will also inform you when there are any new developments, which may affect you.

We are also equipped to handle electronic financial statements. We transmit the data on your behalf within the prescribed time limit while observing the formal requirements, or we create electronic financial statements from traditional accounts.

Once the financial statements are prepared, we discuss the accounts and performance indicators together with you. We will also advise you on the likely impression these will leave, for example, on banks. We make sure that your accounts are a visiting card for your company which it is worth maintaining.

We take time to discuss your financial statements with you in detail and devise an accounting treatment tailored to your needs.