Financial accounting

If you wish to keep the financial accounting function within your company, we will be happy to advise you. Alternatively, you can outsource it to us, completely or partially. The scope of our services depends entirely on your needs. If you need to prepare your first financial accounts, we will deal with all the formalities, for example, request your tax ID number.

This is a comprehensive yet not exhaustive list of services we offer:

  • Sorting and assigning account codes to submitted records
  • Allocating and entering assigned records in the books at agreed intervals
  • Notifications of missing or incorrect records
  • Assistance to avoid the disadvantages associated with tax inspections.
  • Meaningful, business analysis of income and expenditure, sorted by account groups and compared with previous years.
  • Trial balance
  • Preparation of comparisons of actual and forecast figures based on your company's forecasts.
  • Your books can be accessed online at any time.

You can transmit your account statements, POS data, outgoing and incoming invoices to us electronically. This saves you time, money and effort. You can also transmit all your accounting records to us electronically for processing; as a result, there is no need for these documents to leave your premises.

For those who want more: our controlling report
To gain a deeper insight into the financial situation of your company, you can request a controlling report, which includes a condensed summary of all figures - always in comparison to the previous year or forecasts. In addition to trend forecasts, we can provide you with clear and concise charts showing your overall performance, as well as cost types, liquidity and cash flows.


Payroll accounting

We are happy to take on all tasks associated with the payment of salaries to your employees: the complete payroll, the transfer of income tax to the tax authorities, as well as the payment of social security contributions to the relevant health insurance companies. We can also issue all certificates, which your employees may require for job centres, health insurance, the family fund or to apply for child, maternity, housing and unemployment benefits.

If you are notified of a pending tax inspection, we are happy to make our premises available for this purpose, prepare the documents and contribute to resolving any issues during the meeting. We will provide you with comprehensive information about the result afterwards. We at Starke & Partner provide this service on an inclusive basis in addition to responding to your telephone or email queries quickly and concisely. Are you stuck and need help with occupational pension schemes or do you want to know something about the impact of salary changes? We are here for you when you require a legal assessment of tax and (social security) implications.

We take into account and cover all the specifics of payroll accounting, including wages in the construction industry, public service and other industries, short-time working allowance, pension issues, etc.